What I’m Currently Reading

Here’s what I’m reading right now to better myself and achieve success.


The Industries of the Future

I’m about half way through and very impressed by this analysis of the various industries that have received a major leap forward in innovation. Currently the book has discussed the advances made in medical technologies and genetics research. The possibilities in the near future for both of these are far beyond mind boggling. If you haven’t heard of the Singularity between Man and Machine, I highly recommend you do a little reading on Ray Kurtzwiel. THIS ARTICLE is a great place to start. As for other industries, Ross also discusses the future of finance and money, being the cornerstone of sovereignty of a nation, the decentralization of currency with innovations like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and how technology is establishing new lines of trust between the belief in money and the people who exchange it on a daily basis to do business and to obtain things of value.


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