“10 Books” Introduction

Throughout the life of this site, I plan to keep running lists consisting of the top 10 books (in my opinion) that will most benefit you in your path to success during and after your transition. Each of these lists will revolve around some critical aspect of your life now that you are transitioning to the civilian world.

Each of these books I have personally read, some of them many times over, and have taken copious notes and recorded marginalia. I sincerely hope that you gain as much from them as I did, if not more.

Current Lists of ’10 Books’
  • 10 Books For The Transitioning Warrior
  • 10 Books To Prepare You For The Future Of Technology
  • 10 Books to Read for Success in the Business World
  • 10 Books to Help With Dealing With Stress and Struggles of Your Transition

If you have a suggestion for other books or topics in which to make a list of books that I should include in these lists, by all means, let me know.

These books will also be in the complete READING LIST on another page in this site.

Enjoy reading and Semper Discens!


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