How qualified are you for that job?

I am not going to sugar-coat or soften up any of this information. The hunting for a job today is very similar in stress and difficulty to hunting of food thousands of years ago for our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors. It won’t be easy, but with my help and your dedication, you will find the job you’re looking for and thrive in your new life.

Sifting through the flood of advertisements

Although it may seem as if you are completely overwhelmed by the massive number of job openings that you’ve found online, keep in mind that you may or may not be qualified for most of them. When an employer or headhunter put out job advertisements online, they list out dozens of requirements and daily job tasks in the first attempt to weed out unqualified applicants.

Most employers today use some kind of digital application and resume screening tool like (insert job app application). These are built to read through resumes, applicant entries, and other information that you’ve provided in an attempt to pull you out of the stack of potentials.

All hope is not lost

Just because you don’t fit every single bullet point, doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified. These ‘requirements’ are meant to weed out applicants instead of prevent them from applying. Companies receive hundreds of applications to each job opening (it’s just a fact these days). While going through these hundreds of job openings, it may seem as if you just aren’t good enough or don’t have enough experience to meet the requirements.

On average, women will most likely apply when they meet 80% or more of the job requirements; men however, will apply when they meet only about 50%.

Find several job ads where you meet most of the requirements and begin to that position. You cannot know what the ‘competition’ is writing on their resume much less if it’s even true. All you can do is to describe yourself and the value you will bring to that company in the best way possible.

There will be some job ads out there that require certain certifications and/or licenses. If you do not possess one of these and are applying, don’t get your hopes up. In today’s highly-technical job market some of these certifications, like the Project Management Professional, or CISSP® – Certified Information Systems Security Professional that are essential to performing some job functions. Most job ads will announce somewhere in the description any required certifications.

There are also licenses that are also required for certain positions (Class A License to drive an 18-wheeler, or State Certification to be a practicing Massage Therapist, etc). Without these, in some cases, you will not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being hired, much less interviewed or given a second glance.

When looking at a job ad, I recommend before getting too much into the day-to-day description of work, scroll down to the bottom where the requirements and qualifications are usually listed to see what they demand of applicants. If you have those skills and certifications, then go for it! Save the job advertisement, being working on your tailored resume, and apply for that job!

However, if you have your heart set on performing one of these jobs and you aren’t as qualified as you feel necessary to get the job, then I HIGHLY recommend getting started right away in whatever classes, courses, education, or training necessary to earn such certifications or licensure.

Good luck!

Semper Discens!


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