Keeping Me Honest

So… here’s the thing. I need your help.

I have a particularly nasty habit of setting out a list of things to do, goals to achieve, etc among other things that I want to do (not associated with any other kind of responsibility. I’m not going to slack at my work because my kids rely on a house and food, that kind of responsibility.) Instead these goals are personally set. I have a hard time keeping to them because I get distracted frequently.

I’ll see a TV show or read a book or just learn about something and I’ll think that I can do it. I have no doubt that by putting to my mind and energy into something I can do it. However, later on, I’ll get distracted, again. I jump from one thing to another and eventually I get back around to the hobby or activity I was originally pursuing. I call it my “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

This is where you come in. I need your help to keep me focused on the task at hand and to not get distracted by other ‘shiny objects’.  Much like Steve Martin’s definition of diligence: “being able to IGNORE all the other pursuits, is just as important as is focusing on your current pursuit.”

Therefore, in order to keep myself accountable, I’m going to post a list of the next 3 books I plan to read. Your job is to make sure I’m still reading this, and demand that I put up information that I’ve learned and thoughts I have on these books as, and after, I read them.

Thank you in advance for all your tough love! I hope you enjoy the craziness that emanates from my brain.


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